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Virtue Signal: NPC

Virtue Signal: NPC

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The largest and last major expansion to Virtue Signal: the Game. 

Here's what's new

216 Additional Cards

  • More characters, more Microaggressions, more Virtue Signals, more artifacts, more specials, more plots, more NPCs, more everything.  
  • For a grand total of 626 cards (across all expansions).  Wow.
  • Most of them individually illustrated.


Our studio has been infiltrated by CCP agents, and Virtue Signal: NPC has a strong communist theme:  Communist NPCs, weather balloons, iron rice bowls, self-review, struggle sessions, social credit points, friendship, harmony, organ harvesting and the 50-Cent Army

It's all in here, and all conveniently subtitled in simplified Chinese. 

  • A plethora of bright-red flavor content!
  • Redder than a cinnamon Jolly Rancher!
  • Redder than the back of Guy Fieri's neck!

More Despicable Dirty Tricks for Deplorable Players

If you also have the Deplorables expansion (you don't have to, but you should) your repulsive troll army will have several brand-spanking-new ways to be a complete and utter piece of sh*t.

In addition to the new plots and special cards, Deplorable players may now corrupt those around them (e.g. NPCs, FBI agents, etc.) with the power of their dank memes.

Winning as a Deplorable character should now be slightly less impossible than it was before.

Slapfighting Mechanics

This makes up the bulk of the expansion. 

In an effort to further deepen the strategic dimensions of the game, we have added a "debate" system, allowing your NPCs to fight each other directly.   

It's not longer just a race to 15.  In NPC, how you build your coalition matters much more than before.

Dozens of petulant slapfighting techniques are included, such as Confusing Rant, Pitiful Blubbering, Autistic Mumbling, and Complete Meltdown.  Each has different effects (which we will continue polishing right up until the last minute).

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